Pompadour Prince | About Us

Treat your hair like royalty.

Pompadour Prince is a line of luxury men’s hair care products designed for men with rich taste and an expensive personality that they like to represent through their looks. We are a concise company based in Laguna Beach, California, aiming at high quality and exceptional customer service.

Our aim is to serve men with style and class who take better care of their hair through supreme quality hair care products. Our range is tested and tried, enabling us to promise a collection that serves its purpose effectively.

Hair that is Simply Royal

Your hair defines you – how you set it, how it’s cared for, all can speak volumes and accentuate your overall impression. Additionally, so men with good hair automatically feel more confident, knowing that the world views them as well-groomed and self-confident. Understanding this, our products are designed precisely to help you make your hair look its best without looking like you’ve made a huge effort on them. With Pompadour Prince, your hair becomes simply royal.

Our Products

Pompadour Prince provides you with products that define new standards of quality and have been formulated after extensive research and development. The founder and creator behind the company is Javier Ruiz, a young, aspiring man who has always appreciated looking his best. Ever since last year, Javier has worked endlessly to create the best men’s hair care products and finally arrived at a unique collection with quality as high as royalty.

The Team

The members that stand behind Pompadour Prince comprise of a small yet dedicated team, committed to bringing to you the best of products with the best of customer service. We all resonate with our consumer base on a personal level, as we are men who care about our hair appearance as well and love taking the ultimate care of our hair, to the point of royalty.

Pompadour Prince | About it's Founder
Having cared about his appearance since he was a little boy, Javier Ruiz was always conscious about the way his hair looked. He tried numerous different hair products through the years, but they always left his hair flaky and dry. After years of hair frustration, Ruiz realized that he had to develop his own hair care line in order to achieve the results he truly needed. He worked to develop a high-grade, results-oriented line of hair care products and searched for the right manufacturer for the Pompadour Prince line. 

Ruiz' new products focus on delivering premium results, leaving hair feeling soft and manageable without damaging it. Beyond just shampoo and conditioner, Pompadour Prince products include an array of different hair goods that keep hair balanced, moisturized and looking better than ever.

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